ECDL resources added in 2017
  • Aims:
    The aim of this guide is to provide you with the practical skills required to use
    modern ICT devices safely and securely. You will learn how to use Windows 7 to
    work effectively and create, store and manage files.

    After completing this guide you will be able to:
    · Understand key ICT concepts
    · Use the main features of the Windows 7 operating system
    · Adjust computer settings
    · Understand the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently
    organise files and folders so that they are easy to identify and find
    · Create, edit, store and print a simple text document
    · Use utility software to compress and extract large files, and use antivirus
    software to protect against computer viruses and other malware
    · Appreciate the importance of data security and backing up
    · Be aware of important environmental, legal, and health and safety issues that
    apply to ICT users.